A Twitter user with the handle @viccetti has shared a screenshot of a chat which captured the conversation between an unidentified man and his girlfriend whose son he molested after she left the house.

In the chat screenshot, the said man first denied the incident before disclosing that he was upset because he didn't get any bl*w job from his girlfriend.

He also blamed it on the devil after the lady revealed that her son told her everything that happened while she was away from home.

Sharing the screenshots, the Twitter user wrote;

"So this girl left her son with her boyfriend and the boyfriend made her son suck his d*ck because he wasn't getting some from her. "

See the chats below;






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  • Date: Oct 24, 2019

there are some things to think of in Nigeria apart from corruption. This issue of homosexual-ism needs to be put to an end. dis is far beyond it, if i had been d lady, i will assassinate guy ni oloun. And to b sure we shouldn't be like d whites who are lost but cant be found in homosexual-ism we should stand on our own and be unique among thousands of other countries. Many may feel offended abt my comment but it's d truth...