A Nigerian lady identified as @elharsh on Twitter has narrated her experience with an AC repairer who she invited over for a job.

After the Job, the AC repairer sent a message to her mobile phone, praising her for not being a "runs girl".

"At least your not a runs girl you have shop. Unlike this girls roaming about congrats ma", he wrote.

However, the woman wasn't pleased with the way he shamed other women, so she played on his senses, saying she's also a runs girl and she used 'runs' to open a shop.

The AC repairer, instead of retracing his steps, praised her again for being honest with him and for quitting her 'runz life' because some women "carry it to their husband's house".

The woman went further to state that she's not quitting the runs business, and it's for her lifetime.

Read their exchange and some Twitter reactions below,




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