Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has taken a swipe at blogger, Blessing Okoro as he shared a new photo on his Instagram page moments ago.

The on air personality shared a photo of himself in a mansion surrounded by a fleet of cars and gave it an interesting caption.

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The caption is akin to that of Blessing Okoro when she first pulled her house ownership stunt days ago before she got busted.

His caption reads,

When my ex left I was living in a one bedroom apartment, I picked up all the stones that they threw at me and built this.
I am the definition of grace, a child of blessing.
New house just completed as I turn 43 with many new toys.

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While that of Blessing reads,

8years ago my ex husband threw me out of his 1 bedroom apartment.
8years later I built myself a 7 bedroom duplex....
I picked up all the stones he threw at me to build myself
I became too strong and fortified.
I became that broken pieces that because an expert in mending .
Yes dreams do come true .
My name is Okoro Blessing Nkiruka

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