Reno Omokri has advised men on what to do if their family say they don't like their wife. In one of his usually nuggets, the former presidential aide advised men to tell their family to keep such information to themself.

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According to him, the only time a family can inform a man about what they dislike about his wife is before the wedding. Anything after that should not be welcomed.

Reno Omokri shared on Instagram:

Dear men,

Tell your friends and family that if they do not like your wife, they should keep that information to themselves. Let them know that you will separate from anyone who wants to separate you from your wife. They can't love goat meat and hate goat smell. The time to inform you of anything they know about her that should affect your decision to unite with her is BEFORE the wedding. After the wedding, they should forever close their mouth #RenosNuggets

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