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A Twitter user identified as @rozzeloya, who obviously want to go viral, has taken to the platform to advise men who has less than 500k in their bank account to abstain from sex.

According to the young lady, they should focus more on working hard rather than sleeping with a lady.

See her tweet below:

[embed https://twitter.com/rozzeloya/status/1097425494096703489[/embed]

"Guys If you don't have up to 500k in your bank account you don't deserve s*x from us, go and work"

However, some Nigerians has taken to her profile to rip her to shreds over her controversial statement.

Some accused her of being of a member of the transactional sex association and that is what they know how to do best - Taking money from rich guys for sex.

At the same time, some came to her defence arguing that she is at liberty to post whatever she likes

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  • Date: Feb 21, 2019

you must be very stupid to say that. so you think yall should be the only reason guys should work. you really are dumbass. So I walk up to you and then say I have 1Million let's have sex, does that mean you will jump off on my just because of that. mehn you are really stupid.