%E2%80%9COyinbo We Can%E2%80%99t Send Your Money Back We Have Used It To Buy Benz%E2%80%9D %E2%80%93 Nigerian Man Video

A Nigerian man has reacted to the viral video of a white man crying and begging a certain 'scammer' to Return his money back to him.

In the viral video, the white man can heard saying; "Please I'm begging you, send me my money back. My mummy wouldn't even talk to me. Please, please I'm begging you."

However, a young man has now taken to social media to mock the white man, saying that there's no way his money would be returned, as it has been used to buy Benz.

Watch the video below;

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  • Date: Feb 11

I dont even find this funny one bit.

You think you're mocking someone...abi
Your bad luck will be worse. Keep acting like yahoo yahoo is cool and fun to do.
Your end will be very disastrous... IDIOT !!!