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A mum shaved off her son's 'cultist hair' in Lagos, and according to Twitter user @barrister_nofi, the said act was done with a blade.

The Twitter user further disclosed that her brother is just 15-years-old, and he had an 'adidas logo on one side and Nike on the other side, tinted one side gold and the other side black'.

She wrote;

"My 15 year old brother came back with a "cultist hair" according to my mother this morning, She used blade to recut it, it's painful I couldn't get the before, she removed all the ludacris part I'm rolling on the floor yo she did him dirty

"My mum is the best yooooo...las las she pitied him and gave him money to buy a face cap, his chicken is the biggest though...it's annoying me

"It's not the first time, I would have pleaded with my mum on his behalf buh im tired too and I'm in support of what she did. Normally, she'd punish him or sumn, that didn't work buh im sure he won't forget this one African parents are extra buh most of us won't have home Training if not for them and that's how we were all brought up We can't say the world is changing so we'll change with it

"Rubbish all these over sabi ,false deep pretenders If you tell me rubbish,I'll block you A 15 year old,already had a crazy hairstyle,with adidas logo on one side and Nike on the other side,tinted one side gold and the other side black and you're telling me not to turn his head".

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