A Nigerian lady identified as Natachi Peace (@Natachyy) narrated on Twitter how she dealt with a man who harassed her in public.

The beautiful young lady said that she was at the park when the strange man started pressing her butt. In a bid to avoid unnecessary drama, she moved out of the line to another but the man followed and still continued his disgraceful act.

Stab 1

Disgusted and visibly upset, she attacked him by plunging a pen into his hands.

She wrote;

"So I was at Peace Mass Transit to send stuff today and this dude behind me was touching my bum.

I asked him to stop and moved, dude left and came back behind me and continued.

Let's say he won't be enjoying his Christmas meat because I stabbed his hands with pen. I made sure it was deep wound and the 2 guys beside me gave him some good slapping. Hopefully he learnt."


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