Beautiful Hafsat who is visually impaired, was called to the Nigerian Bar on Wednesday November 28th.
According to Twitter user, Fatima Suleiman, Hafsat became blind when she was 2 but that didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams.


Sharing her story on Twitter, her sister @Mss_Majeeda wrote;
"This is my sister.. One whom i'm well pleased. Hafsah became visually impaired at the age of 2. She can't see like everyone else. Except with her mind's eyes. Sharp and precocious. Inspite all the problem, her dream, hope and education didn't suffer.
"She had to cover the syllabus as there was nearly no one to compare notes with, well save for a few kind and discerning course mates who engaged and rubbed minds with her. Beyond this, she faced discrimination from the intolerant and the unfortunate.
"Oh the joy of seeing my sister overwhelmed with excitment and sense of fulfilment. She proceeded t Nigeria Law School and because success was 90%, she prepared well for this moment. The moment she will be dressed in the regalia of the "learned counsel".
"Hafsah doesn't budge when she sets her mind to get things done. Despite being visually challenged, she had the patience and presence of mind to attend lectures, transcribed lectures, reference materials, lengthy essays and all. A course that is not only demanding but energy sapping. It is for those ready to sweat it out and pore through tomes and jaw breaking registers and legalese. It needed people to examine and draw inferences from philosophies and histories and language.

"And that's not all, her sense of humour is unequalled. Her good start gave her the wings to fly. Her emerging in flying colours in college offered her the Eagle's confidence to soar high. So she looked through a spectrum of courses and settled for Law. People who believed the challenged had better been hid not seen, not involved with others. But Hafsah defied all odds. She went through the 9yards of pursuit and exertion, crossed all her Ts, got in the race and got to the finish line.
"Barr. Hafsat Suleiman Esq. Fresh and sparkling from the law school! As you cross this race, the sky is your lunchpad and springboard. You shall continue to coast to victory, burst the reservations of doubting Thomases InshaAllah you shall excel beyond compare. Congrats sister!"

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