By now, trolls ought to know better than to go to actor, Jim Iyke's page to go at him cause he'll certainly come back hard at you without a care in the world if you'll be suicidal after that.

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Not long after the actor ripped into a female follower who made a shady comment about how his 'thing' is "dangling" while he was working out, Jim Iyke has given another follower a cause to weep after he replied the troll for calling him 'insecure'.

According to Jim, the troll had just minutes after he shared a post on his page, commented that he's an insecure grown man and that's why he's always going online to fight.

We're pretty sure the troll woulda wished he wrote nothing the actor gave him this response,

lol but you're killing your self to comment on my page. Praying for attention. If i wasn't the shit u [sic] would dismiss me. It's same point I'm making. Your life is a void of emptiness and u [sic] need to act like an irritating little cockroach on a strangers platform to validate your nothingness. Anybody with goals and pursuits won't even notice this page this moment. I'm on YIUR [sic] notification. 1m after post you're already commenting. You're the highest symbol of insecurity and the lowest in self esteem.stop [sic] the obsession. Get a life little human. Your desperation has clinical rank odour to it. Prayers up!

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