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Earlier today, It was reported that Linda Ikeji's acclaimed baby daddy sholaye Jeremi has reacted to the news of her delivery by posting on his insta story.

"God has blessed me beyond measures...I thank him for live and my wonderful gift he bestowed on me this month.", he wrote.

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However, In a statement released by Sholaye Jeremi's media aide, Obafemi Ajayi disclosed that the baby daddy of blogger, Linda Ikeji has no social media account.

See statement below;

"The attention of Mr Sholaye Jeremi has been drawn to some social media hoodlums who opened Instagram accounts in his name.

"This is to inform the general public that Mr Jeremi doesn't have any social media account and he's not on Instagram.

"Even though the accounts are fake, bloggers, mischief-makers and quacks pounced on them; like harbingers of pain and ill-will, they cast it across social media, not minding the consequences of reporting lies as truth.

"It becomes mortifying, therefore, to see the creeps leap in the mud and perpetrate lies in desperation, to slant the court of public opinion against Mr Sholaye Jeremi, a decent and well-cultured businessman.

"As far as we are concerned, their annoyingly comical posts not only beggars belief, but skirts moral boundaries.

The reports which attempted to disparage the hardworking oil magnate was curiously mischievous. Naturally, Mr Sholaye wouldn't have responded to the poorly choreographed bunch of lies, but we just have to keep the record straight.

"We hereby appeal to the general public not to take the evil-doers seriously. Thank you."

Obafemi Ajayi, Media Aides to Mr. Solaye Jeremi

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