It's become a common phrase on social media - mind your business - and it's only sad that some people just won't conform to it.

Yeah well, the interesting thing is this non-business-minders tend to get the savagest of response after they display their folly.

Just like this morally upright brother - who probably shoulda kept his morality to himself, but didn't - told a lady to cover herself up after she shared a cleavage revealing photo of herself on her page.

Call Me Hal

@_callmehal took to Twitter to pop eyes with a photo of a dress that'd go to waste and we're pretty sure nobody could see the dress clearly...


Call Me Hal1

... and then, our morally upright brother, Brother Daurel simply told her to 'cover her body' with disappointed emojis. Unfortunately, since Brother Daurel didn't mind his business.... he got a quite hilarious reply.


Like yoooooo, look at that head,


I mean, take a closer look!


Brother Daurel, next time, *inserts 2pac Igwe's vibe here* I think you need to mind your 'beeneh', cause if you don't mind your beeneh, you might lose your 'adeniny'...

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