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A Nigerian man took to social media to lament, after a lady he has been trying to go into a relationship with broke his heart.

According to him, he has been asking this girl out for a while and the girl never told him she is in a relationship, but keeps telling him "let's see how it goes".

After spending all his money on her, took her to numerous dates, helped her and her family members, bought her an iPhone, only for her to come and tell him in a chat that she has a boyfriend she really loves and can't let him go.

He wrote;

This was same girl I have been asking out for some months now, she kept telling me let's see how it goes, I tried working to win her heart, during those times, she complained about her phone malfunctioning, I gave her 60k twice to add up and get a new iPhone, can't count the numerous dates we've had, the number of times I have assisted her financially and subscription money I have sent to her, only for her to come and start telling me this after 2months +, am I wrong to ask for my 120k back? I know I'm not getting everything but I need to get that iPhone back cos I bought it for this biitchh! Anon

See screenshot below;

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  • Date: May 30, 2018

This dude is fucked up Lol buying and spending for a gal who's not yet committed to you in anyway.???

  • Date: Jul 05

Is he ugly?