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Remember the young man who paid his lover's bride price three weeks after meeting her? he has replied critics who are of the opinion that three weeks is too short to get to know someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

However, Obinna and his lady, Queen Desire are determined to prove the naysayers wrong. They are now preparing for their traditional wedding set for May 18. Taking to his Facebook, the groom wrote:

"There is no one who does not like soup with fish in it. #letdemsay BUT #obichereme #obicherem is the colour of "TRUE LOVE" #Godgiving #Godgift we don't need years to know what God gives. Only the wise can know the sign from a far. God is Love, Love is God.
Now tell me what else is Love? I repeat Relationship is not Love. Call me anywhere I will explain and you will understand. God bless you'll."



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