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Linda Ikeji reality TV show

Linda Ikeji is debuting a new reality tv show called Made In Gidi.

Produced by Dami Dawson, the showis one of the several reality shows on Linda Ikeji TV.

Viewers are to expect drama, friendship, love, tears, backbiting, pulling of wigs, and maybe sex, just as it is obtainable in Big Brother Naija show.

As shared online:

7 stunning ladies and five handsome guys, who didn't know each other until they came for the audition for the reality show, will be living together as housemates for two months with cameras everywhere to capture all the moments.

And of course, there will be twists and incredible surprises, even for the housemates. 

Remember, no TV, no phones, no Laptops, and no Internet, so they have only themselves for companionship and entertainment.

On top of that, there's no winner!

The Housemates, if they behave be allowed to invite some 'special guests' into the house...and we have a shag room, just in case...??.

Made In Gidi, coming soon on LindaIkejiTV online and on cable!


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