People can't seem to stop talking about Teddy A and BamBam's toilet rendezvous - with some who are quite cool with their intimacy and others not so cool that they did it on live TV.

Inset: BamBam.

We brought you videos of Teddy A celebrating after his intimate act in the toilet with the "church girl".. and also BamBam "inspecting" her private areas. [See that here]

Now, in a new tweet, a lady, Stephanie, has taken to the social media platform, to say she's personally disappointed in Bamike (Her Real name), because she's a choir member in her parish, and her father is an elder in the church.

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Here's her tweet:

"I'm personally disappointed in bamike #bambam, she's a choir member in my parish!! #BamTeddy #BBNaija"

"Her dad is a church elder, how will her family feel? How they really suffered on her... Reason for naming her #bamike (God take care of her for me"

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  • Date: Jul 22

Human beings of now adays, why not go on an post something else,what has happen has happen, no one should Blem them, because when ever we humans are in time of love, no one can ever controll him/her in time of sex. So they have did it allready let it be for them.