A Nigerian Lady with the Facebook Handle, Itunuoluwa Ogunwuyi has attempted suicide after her man broke up with her...


Updates as regards her current state, is currently unknown, but we are trying to get more details.

According to her friends, Itunu wrote a suicide note that reads;

"I don't have other chouce than to cut it short. I got betrayed by a man I deeply love, he claim he loved me too, people warned me about Imo state men, but I didn't listen, Kenny Eze you cut my life short due to your sweet words, YOU! To my people this is my account details ***** password ***. Let the world know about me and learn from me, Sorry mum, sorry dad, I can't hold it to people I may disappoint. IKENNA EZE, I still love you by my spirit, and no one will ever love or have baby for you in your life, Keep this date. 20-2-2018. Good bye to this wicked world. Itunu"

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Her posts on Facebook yesterday;

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Idowu Itunu 03?resize=640%2C164

Idowu Itunu 04?resize=639%2C202

Her friends showing concern:

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Idowu Itunu 01?resize=636%2C539

  • Date: Feb 22

True love!!!! but my dear you don't have to take your life for no reason as far as humans are concerned all heart are meant to be broken it takes the grace of God to recovered from a betrayal like this but in as much as you love him, there is someone else that does thesame towards you so just tell God I'm grateful for him and the one to come.
God will never be happy to see you take your own life it a very bad thing.