A Nigerian man who finished from Imo State University (IMSU) has shared throwback photos of what himself and his wife used to look like 5 years ago.

The transformation in this pesent time, is amazingly remarkable! Also it looked like their financial status also improved.

"Chai 5 years ago... Igwe ugly... Thank you Jesus ." he captioned the photos

What they looked like 5 years ago;

Igwe 0?resize=480%2C640

Igwe 01?resize=640%2C640

Igwe 02?resize=640%2C853

Igwe 03?resize=450%2C600

What they look like now;

Igwe 04?resize=640%2C853

Igwe 05?resize=640%2C853

Igwe 06?resize=640%2C853

Igwe 07?resize=640%2C853

Igwe 08?resize=640%2C480

Igwe 09?resize=640%2C480

Igwe 010?resize=544%2C691

Igwe 011?resize=543%2C602

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