In yet another episode of "I can post whatever I like on social media, because it's my page", a Nigerian Lady on Facebook, with the name, Mhiz Kylie Cayne shared photos and videos of her bare butt.

She shared the video & photo 10 hours ago, even after her friends urged her to delete it.. But it seems she's proud of who she is.

She captioned The video "Doggy style", and the photo "Tonight", which of course translates to, "I'm doing the doggy style with my man tonight"

WhatsApp Image 2018 01 29 At 10.37.00 AM?resize=562%2C748

WhatsApp Image 2018 01 29 At 10.37.01 AM?resize=600%2C998

A quick check on her profile shows she's indeed a "bad girl", Maheeda-type of bad girl!


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