A Liberian beautiful lady based in the United States has called out one of Ghana's top actor - John dumelo a deadbeat daddy while revealing he is the child's father.


According to her posts on facebook we could deduce that people have been questioning her over the child's father, and that was why she posted the photos up.

Inset: Dumelo

On a post she wrote ;

I don't care what your say y'all can go ahead and judge Me Your don't know my story y'all don't know what I go through every day but one thing Your cannot say about me that I am not a good mother because I am a great mother. I having my son was the best decision I ever made.

I swear they always want for someone to fucking prove a point to them ..if you don't post your child father that mean your child doesn't have a father SMH . I don't talk about my child father and I don't post him because Is personal and private to me! But Best believe when that time comes he will do the posting and Your can take that to the bank!

Photos below ;

John Dumelo 1?resize=640%2C853

John Dumelo2?resize=640%2C852


Florence 0?resize=640%2C584

Florence 01?resize=640%2C196

Florence 02?resize=640%2C640

Florence 03?resize=640%2C635

Florence 04?resize=640%2C853

Florence 05?resize=640%2C515

Flor 0?resize=640%2C960

Flor 01?resize=640%2C960

Flor 02?resize=640%2C640

Flor 03?resize=640%2C427

Flor 04?resize=640%2C800

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