A Ghanaian Lady on Twitter, with the handle, @Joyner_XVI, has narrated on the platform, how her boyfriend, she loved so dearly died in her arms. According to her, it all happened on Thursday night after she woke up to calls from an unknown number.

Here are her tweets;

I think I have enough strength now to tweet about this. So today my boyfriend died in my arms. And it still does not feel real

I woke up at 4am to missed calls from a number I don't know. I switched off my phone and went back to sleep

I woke up and as usual I was in bed responding being to my messages but bae's messages are still not delivered from Thursday night.

I stayed in bed. Watched a movie. Then I got voice message alerts from the number that was calling me in the AM

I listen to my messages and it's his cousin and sister asking me to go see him at the hospital as he was in an accident last night

Got to the hospital in my pyjamas. Went straight to ICU where he was. And his legs were gone. So was his right arm. But he was awake and communicating

He told his family he wanted to talk to me privately and I cried. I have never in my life cried so much. He started telling me thank you for everything. And for being the most amazing girlfriend ????????????????????

F-ck ????????????????

We started chatting about how we met. The names we wanted to give our future children. What kind of wedding I would like. How his surname would look next to my Nan's

We cuddled for half an hour. And th last thing he did was take my hand and say "Rakeem I have never loved a woman like I have loved you" he nibbled on my ear and took his last breath ???????????

RIP baby. You gave me the most memorable times any girl could ask for. I don't think I will ever love again like I loved you. Till we meet again love

And besty thank you for your support @FAITHMURIITHI I honestly don't know what I would do without you ?️???

Below Our last messages yesterday morning ??????????????????? I thought I was stronger than this. My heart is weak ???????????

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