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A Lady needs your advice... She borrowed her husband N4m.. Now it's time for payback and she's wondering if she have to pay back.

Read what she wrote below;

I borrowed money from my husband to start a business,about 4million and the business is doing great, but now I feel somehow paying him back,like am I suppose to pay him back our money? After all the business is for all of us even tho I opened it in my name .

He has been asking me of the money and even threatening to close down the business if I don't refund him back ,but I just feel somehow. How can I pay him back when he is sleeping with me,having sex with me,paying him back just seem stupid to me.

If I make the mistake of pay him back ,I will spilt the money into pieces and make sure he does not touch me, I will deny him sex .

How can my own husband ask me to pay back, are we business partners ? I take care of his kids free, I know how exhausting his love making can be, he will keep my legs hanging for straight 20 minutes, I suffer and fake orgasm just to make him happy ,if I pay back this money he will not like me at all. Need advise on how to handle it .

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