In another episode of WTF?! on social media, a 500 level student of Afe Babalola University has been reported to have impregnated two 100 level students of his school.

The report has since gone viral on Twitter with many shocked at how fast it was to impregnate the fresh students. See some reactions below:

500 Abuad Student Impregnate?resize=395%2C406

500 Abuad Student Impregnate1?resize=452%2C408

500 Abuad Student Impregnate2?resize=581%2C310

500 Abuad Student Impregnate3?resize=571%2C183

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  • Date: Oct 04, 2017

You people should stop spreading fake news, a news you can not confirm. 500L students were not even in school when freshers resumed so how can someone that resumed in less than a month impregnates two students? This pure lies. ABUAD students are responsible.