Instructions: Calculators not allowed.
Use at least a curve if ucan not afford a Porshe

TIME:1minz 30days. SECTION A: Attempt All
1. What are the names of the 2 people holding
when you switch on a Nokia phone?
2. If the past tense of take is took, what is thepast
tense of make?
3. I have a dream is to Luther King, as I have no
shoes is to.....?
4. You are desperate to leave Nigeria, an embassy
tells you to go and get adocument signed by God
just to frustrate you, who do you run to for help
knowing that you will getthat document and it will
surely be signed by God?
a) Yoruba guy, b) Yoruba guy, c) Yoruba guy, d) all
of the above
5. Which Nigerian university has the highest
number of ladies with BBs?
6. It is truism that while women can fake orgasm,
men can fake a whole relationship. The man orthe
woman, who is wiser?
7. If Buhari is a friend toObasanjo on facebook,
who sent the friend request and why?.
8. If a babe BIS expires who should renew it for
a)Her father b)Her boyfriend c) Her sugar daddy
d)All of the above
9. What is the chief cos of worry for Nigerians
a)GEJ b)BH c)Militants d)Kidnappers
10. If you win MTN aeroplane where u go de park
am ?
Bonus Q. Give an example of one thing that is still a
fool at 52
Section B.
Answer any 7 questions Show your workings:
1. Between the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian
who likes money more?
2. My name is Chioma, am inlove with a guy that I
thought was also inlove with me, I just found out I
was just wasting my timewith him, what does that
make me: a) a fool, b) iti,c)too gullible d) jew girl
3. Using the almighty formulae, calculate the
diameter of Kanji dam then multipy it with that of
Shiroro[take pie=3.142] 3. If your X-boyfriend/
girlfriend wins N5million immediately after you
broke up,find the value of X
4. What is the name of the Lady that says the
number you are calling is notavailable at the
moment pls try again later
5. Pin is to Blackberry as Stapler is to......?
6. If 30000 Nigerian women go on Hajj calculate
the probability that half will be deported
7. Differentiate btw an Ashawo and a Runs girl
8. All these created empires Bill Gates is to
Microsoft ,Stevie Jobs isto Apple and IBB is to???
9.Abacha n Maryam wentin, Maryam came
out ,OBJ n Stella OBJ came out ,Yaradua n Turai
Turai came out .So now GEJ n Dame who is most
lykly to come out? Give reasons
10. If someone from Kano is referred to as Bakane,
what do you call someone from Taraba?
NOTE: No cheating allowed. Your Invigilator today is
Afikpo Chic, she is a no-nonsense type and very
very strict. Anyone caught cheating will be banned
from this Iconic Page andwill ultimately be expelled
indefinitely from this prestigious Ivy league BB

ALL THE BEST.. Your timestarts now!(lol)

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