I miss d days when we went to
school,lined up & D headmistress
& teachers inspect our nails &
uniform & den we match to our
U Remember na??
• D days of Nasco Biscuit,Trebor,
Iced Coloured water tied in nylon
we called it"lolly"
• D days of Goody-Goody&pak o
Biscuit. X_X
• D days of ali & simbi,Mr Salami & Mrs
Salami, Agbon,Edet lives in
• Chei, i remember those days
when one naira na money,when
groundnut was 5 kobo. & choco milo
sweet was 5 kobo
• days of messing game,who is in d
garden, police and thief
• D days of mama & papa play
• days when we use to build
houses with sand, play suwe game,tinco
tinco,change ?U?????? style,
ten ten, skipping, stop! U
remember nau!
•those days wen we used to fly
kite on streets, wen boys used to
use d paint bucketcover as tire & their
daddy's hanger as d steering
•those days when rubber band
was stock exchange
•days when votron, jimbo, power
rangers, spider man was our
favourite cartoons • D days of limca soft
drinks &
choco milo advert on black and
white tv Nd????? sunday rendevous
• when we say 'leke leke give me
white finger' • Those days when eleganza
was d best
• D days wen we used to drink
water from dtap even suck out d
water if its not coming out
• D days when NTA will show rainbow
colorfor 30 mins then
national anthem before they
resume program @ 4pm • D days
were basket sandals,simbi nd
Bata sandals were d best
•Days wen we all sing sandalili sandalili
dstv and 2go has come and killed old
fun, old way of joy and hapines
I'm really proud to have
experienced all this.
If u r nt smiling it means u were nt born
in such generation.
if u knw u are born in this generation, tell
us what u felt like, what you ar missing

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  • Date: Oct 08, 2012

abeg I miss d gud old days all my childhood frends and all that. It was such a nice xperince.