Dumb questions babes ask guys regularly and the funny answers guys give:
Are you a player?
Ans: Yes, CHELSEA FC wants to sign me next season.

Why do you wan’t my Pin?
Ans: I want to use it to burst balloons.

Can you die for me?
Ans: My name is surely not Romeo

My BIS will soon expire, what am I going to do?
Ans: Return the BB phone to the seller and get a Nokia 3310.

If I sleep over in your house, hope nothing funny will happen?
Ans: No, trust me, we would just perform a vigil.

Hope you won’t break my Heart?
Ans: If you don’t put it at the edge of the table.

Can you take me out?
Ans: Sorry are you in prison?

Can you come and pick me up?
Ans: Are you a beans seed?

I think I’ve missed my period
Ans: Then ask the class captain for the next class!

Can’t you get a Car?
Ans: Did your father have a car when he was in college?

Feel free to add yours…

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  • Date: Sep 06, 2016

Pls i need question and answer on sms 106 ant gst 102

  • Date: Nov 15, 2018

Girl: are you washing ur cloths
Boy: no o am washing beans