Two friends, John and George were lost in the desert. They were both tired, thirsty and hungry, and as they were wandering about, they saw a particular mosque. John told George that they should approach the mosque and seek for water and food. As they were mobbing towards the mosque, John told George that theres rumour that Muslims don’t assist Christians and that they should change their names to Muslim names when they get there, but George refused, when they got to the mosque, they went to the imam asked for there names, John said “ My name is usman” while George said “ his name was George” . Then the imam prepared food and gave it to George alone. John burst out crying and he asked the Imam while he wasn’t served. The imam said “Brother Usman, hope you remembered we are in the month of Ramadan.”

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  • Date: Jun 29, 2015

it makes sence, bt u should all know that, if someone is on a long trip does'nt fast.........really funny nice one