An igbo man who woke up early in the
morning and decided to go down the
stream to water his garden. On his way to
the stream a heavy rain started falling but
he persisted and reached the stream.
Then he started fetching water from the
stream and watering his garden while a
heavy rain is beating him and doing the
watering job as well OR a yoruba man
who was walking down the street and
saw a very ripe sweet mango. He decided
to climb the mango tree,pinch the ripe
mango and shouted "oh it's very ripe". He
then climb down the mango tree,gather
some stones and started firing at the
mango OR an hausa man who was about
to enter his house when he suddenly saw
a poo(faeces) on the ground. He moved
nearer to the poo, touched it with the tip
of one of his fingers, smel it and finally
touched it slightly on his lips and then
shouted"kai, na poo oo, thank allah i
never match am ."

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  • Date: Jul 26, 2015

Scott Davie from Leith 1984 Software Engineer

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