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Mr 419: Hello, how are you?

Akpos: Fine! Pls, who am i speaking with?.

Mr 419: Ha, don't u remember me,who do u know in London dat culd becalling?.

Akpos: (Sensing a scam & threw in a trap) Ejiro! Is dat u?

Mr 419: Of course, of course, this is Ejiro, i am Ejiro, how come u didn't recognise my voice?.

Akpos: Ejiro! Chei, you are a bad boy o. Your Father died, you didn'teven show up or send a letter. O boy, ur children go pay you back. You no hear of him death, he was so bitter and full of curses for u.

Mr 419: (Obviously subdued)I didn't hear o!. I would have come.

Akpos: Did u hear your Mother had leprosy?. U didn't hear about dat too abi?.

Mr 419: (Now uncomfortable) No, i didn't hear.

Akpos: Na wa o! Your wife foolishtoo?. I neva hear from her since d two of una marry without our blessings!. If Husband no wise, wife no go wise?.

Mr 419: She is fine! I'm sure she'll get across to u. I have an issue to discuss with u.

Akpos: Enhen! Ejiro, you offend me. I send u money make you buyme Hummer Jeep, u disappear. When am i having my money back?. U want make i curse you like ur Father. I go pronounce wicked curses on you o.

Mr 419: Dis issue dat i want to sayis very important.

Akpos: Shut up!. When u go send money come home?. We sent u to school, clothed you & sent u abroad. U don become 419?. Wey won steal from me, ur own friend?. Oboy, ur Father was right to curse you, you can't escape it if u continue like this.

Mr 419: Don't worry, i will repay you ur money. For now, i have an issue to discuss with u.

Akpos: Hahahahaha, look here Mr 419, i no know any Ejiro or anybody 4 London, i jus wan teach u lesson.

Mr 419: Whaat! Mad man, and youhave been insulting and wasting ma credit since morning.

God go judge u. (lol)

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