A man cuming from his place of work saw a bush meat along d road nd wantd 2 buy it, dis was d conversation btwen d man nd d seller. . . MAN: madam, hw mch 4 ur bush meat. SELLER:oga na 7000. MAN:ah ba, madam ah go pay 6,500. SELLER:ok oga bring money. MAN:ok madam, cari d meat go put 4 my boot while i go go bring money frm my car( PLANIN 2 ESCAPE WIT D MEAT). .MADAM:ok oga(SHE WALD 2 D BOOT, PLANIN 2 DROP D MEAT ON D FLOOR, TEL D MAN, D MEAT IS IN D BOOT, DN COLECT HER MONEY). .she walks to d boot, drops d meat on d ground, den closes d boot. .SELLER: oga ah dun put d meat insyd. . . Immediatly d man hrt d sound of d boot closing, he sped off, tinkin d meat was in his boot

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