Riddle: Who Am I?

I was your leader, I held the country, but most of you went on to call me dumb. All sorts of names. You unseated me while I was ruling, now most of you wish I was still in office. To you lots, life has become unbearable, everyday you cry on... [Read more....]

Akpos and the Teacher

Father: Why did your Grammar teacher slap you? Akpos: Because I asked her, Why is Bra singular when it covers 2 items and Panties plural when it covers just one. How many Like for [Read more....]


Two men were caught rapin a girl, they were taken 2 d king. The king ordered them 2 go and bring fruits. The first man came with 10 oranges, the king ordered d guard 2 force all th [Read more....]

Everbest Jokes

A Girl Returns Home After 30 Years. Father (Angry): ��Where The Hell Have You Been All This Years?�� Girl: ��I Was Working As A Prostitute In The Vietnam�� Father: [Read more....]

Brain Teaser (are You A Genius)

Answer this if you can, it would be well appreciated... 86% will get it wrong, I guess. Questns:- (1) If a bird fly, animals run and fishes swim, what do birds do? (2) If it takes [Read more....]

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