Celebrity barman, Cubana Chiefpriest has revealed that he failed his mum's wish of going to the Seminary to become a Catholic priest.

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However, he revealed that he is happy to have passed as a Cubana priest, something he described as a better 'priesthood.'


He wrote:

"My Mother Wanted Me To Become A Catholic Priest ? So Bad I Failed Her In The Seminary But I Passed In Cubana? Today Am A ChiefPriest? But Death Never Allowed My MaMa Witness A Better PriestHood That Made Me A Star? RIP Mom, I Still Did Your Wish, This Is My Last Post As An Instagram Thousandnia, M IG Millionaire In A Few I Dedicate It To My MaMa, On My 1st IG Millionaire Post 10 Followers Of Mine Will Sure Get 100k From Me #CubanaChiefPriest? #CelebrityBarMan?"

See post below:

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