Actress Georgina Onuoha has advised parents to always speak life into their children.

Georgina made the statement as she shared throwback photos from the time she bagged a PhD.


According to her, she made after she was told that she would never amount to nothing.


Sharing the photos, she wrote a lengthy caption which reads ;

"Time flies
Flashback Friday
#two years ago I bagged this one
My daughter asked me this evening, "mom why do I keep seeing Phd candidate on all your paper work and documents?
Me, I'm just pulling the bull by the horn.
Why? Do you want to become a doctor?
Me: Anything is possible child especially when you are constantly be told " you will never amount to anything without me"
Child: I see. I want to become a brain surgeon
Me: It's in your DNA. Reach for it child because girls with dreams become women with visions.
Having such affirmative conversations with our kids is crucial and important.
Always speak life into them.
I was always told, " you will never amount to anything "
Me, "watch me smash those ceiling glasses".
Still I rise.
2020 mindset
Reach for the Stars
The journey of one thousand kilometers begins with a step, take it one by one at your own pace.
Reach for your stars and never let the naysayers dim your lights.
No tears, No Pain No gain .
Just Do It".

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