• Date: Mar 13

What the source of your movies?

  • Date: Jun 14

1) Pls is it possible for jst me to download movies for free when others don't..... I mean who no like free thing?
2) And please the subtitles..... won't it be better to come with the movie than for us to download the subtitle on its own again?

  • Date: Jul 01
The guy is doing great work but we need more Indian movies
Toluene king

@ toluene am in support of this we need more Indian movies ...ASAP.

  • Date: Jul 23

He is doing a wonderful job but he should add more Japanese animations (anime).

  • Date: Sep 11

i will take a photo with him and after that i will tell him that you are doing well..

  • Date: Sep 14

I will probably ask him for tips and help on how i can become a blogger myself so i can be dependent and knw i have a sidejob

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