Lilian Bach

Nollywood actress and former model Lilian Bach has turned 49 and taken to Instagram to share beautiful new images of herself to celebrate her day.

The actress penned a birthday message to herself alongside which reads thus;

I celebrate me, the product of the fusion of two cultures - African and European.

I represent Africa

I represent Europe

I am the evidence of God's artistry

I celebrate my uniqueness

I celebrate my roots

I celebrate my heritage

I celebrate all that I am - the many blood flowing in my veins

I celebrate the masterpiece God made of me

I celebrate the marvelous works of thy hands O God, and,

I celebrate the day You put me on the face of this earth, fearfully and wonderfully made to impact my generation positively.

Happy birthday to me, and very special thanks to my Creator for making me experience another year of His goodness.


Outfit by #queenslabel

Makeup by @bloomingdale07

Hair by @yellowsisi

Photography by @praise_that_photographer

Lilian Bach 1

Lilian Bach 2

Lilian Bach 3

Lilian Bach 4

Lilian Bach 5

Lilian Bach 6

Lilian Bach 7

Lilian Bach 8

Lilian Bach 9

Lilian Bach 10

Lilian Bach 11

Lilian Bach 12

Happy birthday to her.

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