Either Bobrisky has found another way to keep his millions of followers entertained or we are listening to a man speak of the most impossible things.

The cross-dresser who has never hidden the fact that he wants to be a woman recently confessed to wanting to birth a baby of his own.

Crossdresser Bobrisky Speaks On Giving Birth To A Child 1

This was brought to light after a fan took it upon himself to ask popular cross dresser, Bobrisky when he will be having children.

"When will you be giving us children bobrisky", the fan asked

Bobrisky responded to the inquisitive fan and his response as usual was shocking.

He responded,

"I don't know y am not taken in ohhh..... the rate my bae cum inside me ehnnnn God time is the best"

See their exchange below;

Bob E1570969629425

Clearly, Bobrisky is trying to entertain his followers or has completely run out of things to crave for and is now wanting the impossible.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible for people like him to become women and stand a chance to birth a child.

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