No doubt you've heard someone say "following those celebrities is a waste of time"...

Well - they were wrong!

For those who think that tidy profits can only be made by sports pundits - think again! It's a brave new world with a ton of fresh and exciting betting options. In fact, 1xBet, the world's top sportsbook is leading the charge in offering betting markets that will appeal to all corners of the public.

Celebrity and entertainment news are incredibly popular with many markets catering specifically to these categories. Are you a Kim and Kanye follower? Well if you have an inkling about what the name of their fourth child will be, you could be in for a windfall!

Who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig? Idris Elba, "The Bodyguard" star Richard Madden, and heartthrob Tom Hiddleston, are just a few of the possibilities.

Of course, ever popular are the British Royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are a focal point of much worldwide speculation, There's betting on the time, date, name and Godparents of Harry and Megan's firstborn.

There's even betting on the plots of favorite TV shows and which characters will meet their demise next! Reality TV shows are a great focal point of interest with eventual winners and eliminations all having odds offered. These reality shows come from all corners of the globe and have millions of people glued to their screens. The outcomes are debated online and savvy readers can turn a little bit of knowledge into riches. It's not only Reality TV winners that are speculated on though - Future Nobel and Booker prize winners even have odds offered.

For sci-fi geeks, there is betting on the date of the first human to set foot on Mars, together with which company succeeds in the quest.

If you're a political pundit, then you're also in luck. That's because 1xBet has betting on elections around the world, together with many intriguing political minefields such as Brexit. With a little bit of research, anyone ahead of the curve can profit!

So pick that tabloid back up and start reading again! Keep up with celebrity gossip, entertainment news, political predictions or technological advancement. You can profit out of whatever "floats your boat". Don't miss out - examine the betting markets today at 1xBet and you might find a bet just for you!

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