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Femi Adebayo,Nigerian actor, producer, Special Adviser to the Governor of Kwara State on Arts, Culture and Tourism and son of veteran actor, Adebayo Salami is celebrating his second year wedding anniversary with his second wife Omotayo.

"My official and legal union to my betterhalf is 2 years Today! ???. It's been 2 years of undiluted happiness, 2 years of best friendship, 2 years of sweet romance, 2 years of best career criticism , 2 years of better looks, 2 years of unquantifiable blessings, 2 years of whatever good thing we can think of in life. Thank you God, thank you Aduke, I'm always happy to say this and I actually say it countless times "....I LOVE YOU OMOTAYO" coming to this world again, my special request from God is to have you alone again as my life partner.. No one can have a better partner like I do?... Thank you for coming into my life and I experience impeccable positive change! ??? #FemiAdebayo" . He said.

Femi Adebayo remarried two years ago after being divorced for 8 years.

See beautiful photos of the couple

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