Delectable Actress, Tonto Dikeh took to her page to reveal that sometimes she gets tired of being a single mum.. and at some points, she thinks of running away.

However, she wouldn't trade being a mom. According to her, it is the best unpaid job ever and she thanks God for getting her through the fatigue.

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She wrote:

Today I was super tired, I mean so tired I didn't even take my makeup off from last night Nor take a zhowrr the wbole day, All of a sudden juicyman becomes so emotional today and decides that he most be held all thru..

Lord I don't l me how I got thru the tiredness of today to carry Out mommy duty but LORD I know it's all you LORD...

Some days I wanna run away but when I get the chance to I always WANNA run back..

I LOVE MY job as a mom, best unpaid job ever and I wldnt trade it for anything...


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