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Tobi Bakre has reacted to the allegation that he bought fake followers on Instagram.

Refusing to deny the allegation as the twitter user who savagely called him out shared supposed screenshots of the fake Instagram accounts following him, Bakre reacted by acknowledging that his account was tampered with... but stated that social media following has no correlation to success in life.

See the accusation and screennnshot below;

Unnamed 7

Unnamed 19

He wrote;

"To whoever tampered with my insta account. Wereva it came from. Good or bad place. Success and happiness in life has no correlation with social media following. So pls ehn. Bt to the people who took out time and resources to be validating such. May God provide jobs for you."

He decided to drop some nuggets concerning social media... He wrote;

So a few life lessons as regards social media guys. Don't get hooked.

1. 10 followers who believe in ur goals and want to see u succeed is better than 5m ffwers who are jst watching for ur next move or see wat u r up to.

2. You don't have to be so into the numbers. Put out content that best relates to who you are as a person and ud attract the great things or people dt wud fit into ur life and also make good impacts

3. Learn to live off social media. Your personal life shud be way more fun and interesting that your social media. Jst had a fun work trip to SA and most of what I did there didn't get on here. I always say this.

4. Don't live a lie on social media. One day u will carst and it wud be really bad. Just live ur truth. It's better not to say or put out anything atal Dan giving a false sense of who you are. E.g. Don't be thirsty in girls dms and be posting fam picks and attacking men who cheat

5. When you come on here. Don't judge. Don't judge people atall. You are not in their lives. U don't know their realities. And even if u do. U r Not God. Only baba G has the right to judge.

6. Don't troll. I av seen people troll me and troll friends of mine. And I just laugh. Cos they are so misinformed or far from actual reality. It's okay to have a perception. +ve or negative. But coming online to curse out someone who doesn't know u is demonic. U need deliverance.

In life, have a positive outlook. Make excuses for people. Preach love. Make people happy. Trust me the universe will reward you. And if u choose to do d opposite. The universe wud sure still reward u. Or ur generation incase it escapes you.

Pls guys. If anybody comes out having nonsense to say. Kindly ignore totally. You empower what you acknowledge. If you acknowledge stupidity, you are empowering it. Empower positive people. Empower wise talks.

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