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Last month it was reported that Rihanna had split from her billionaire boyfriend of a year, Hassan Jameel.

However, though she reunited with her beau, these photographs of the couple in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Friday, paint a less than blissful picture.

What led to the alleged argument at the coastal resort town isn't know, but the 30-year-old Ocean 8 star looked angry as she repeatedly pointed her finger at the Saudi businessman.

While 29-year-old Hassan Jameel tried explaining something to the singer as he defensively gestured towards his chest as Rihanna pointed her finger in his direction, however the brunette beauty sat together on a large sun bed in an emerald green bikini looking gorgeous but failing to raise a smile throughout the exchange.

Rihanne who smoked a cigarette as she appeared to be mulling things over, at some point got up and walked away, appearing dejected, while Hassan, who wore a blue T-shirt and patterned shorts with baseball cap covered his head.

See photos below;

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