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So a social media user took to celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani's comment section to criticize her mothering skills and also call out her son but Toyin wasn't having any of it as she went to the lady's page, found a photo of her son giving the middle finger, and used the photo to shred the woman to pieces.

The Instagram user had a problem with the fact that Toyin's son is allowed to wear earrings - this, she said, is a sign that the boy will not grow up well.

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So, Toyin went digging around the woman's page for any photo with which to hit back at her and she found an inappropriate photo of the woman's son.


Toyin shared the photo on her Instagram page and wrote:

"I have time today???????? @estherlenity smh, your child will grow so well?. My kid is even smarter than you yourself, online trolls hiss, you will never try this nonsense with me again, never come after my kid, if you don't want me to go after yours, celebrities are humans too, stop that shit?‍??I rebuke you in Jesus name, Evil worker, never speak negativism into my kids lives again."

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