Jet Li (Instagram/JetLi )
Inset: Jet Li (Instagram/JetLi )
A photo of our childhood favourite martial art actor, Jet Li has gone viral leaving fans worried over the status of his health.

In a newly released photo, the once bubbling actor has become a shadow of himself. He looks frail, sick and older than his actual age. It would shock you that Jet Li who is just 55 years old now looks like a man in his 70s.

However, it has been revealed that he is suffering from an ailment known as Hyperthyroidism. It is reported that he has been battling with the illness for a while which cause fatigue and weight loss.
New viral photo of Jet Li (Shangiist)
Inset: New viral photo of Jet Li (Shangiist)

This has however sparked off rumours about the state of his health which he has always denied. The South China Morning Post reported over the weekend that fans were "praying for his health" after the emergence of the photo.
Jet Li and Donnie Yen  (YouTube )
Inset: Jet Li and Donnie Yen (YouTube )

Jet Li is known for storming the movie scenes in the late 90s and early 2000s with blockbuster movies. He was so good back in his country that Hollywood couldn't but join in to cash in on the movie star. He starred in a number of movies which have remained evergreen like; Once Upon a Time in China, Kiss of the Dragon, The Expendables and Romeo Must Die.

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