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Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke has been trolled by a follower after sharing a photo of herself on her social media page.

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The actress who is currently enjoying a vacation in France was captured striking a beautiful pose when a follower attacked her twice, asking who deserves the photo credit.

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Irritated at the number of times the follower had asked who took the snap shot of the actress who was obviously in her hotel room. a rather funny drama ensued.

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Livid_beyond; Hmmmn Who is taking the pictures though???? Apostle ???

Daniella Okeke; I said No it's ur father na Sho! This is the second time you're asking

Livid_beyond; Calm ur navzzz @daniellaokeke you seem angry, does that mean i'm right?

Daniella Okeke; No huni. am so calm am on holiday...with ur fada remember. Please don't focus on your life. Keep monitoring me on Instagram to know who is taking my picture or not...clearly u hv nothing important to do with your time, i would keep you busy with my holiday pics

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