Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group took to his instagram to make a post about a troll who begged him for money for school fees after constantly insulting him for 6 months on social media.

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The singer gave him (The troll) an epic answer that would have left the young man crying as Paul Okoye took to his IG to narrate the whole thing.

He wrote saying;

" Asin this life is very funny...some dude has been insulting me for over 6month, on my post, DM, and Twitter, on a daily bases "vanity upon vanity"...so early this morning he is begging me for skol fees....Asin you want to go and study more insult?..sorry you don't need my vanity on your university"

From the looks of it, it seemed to be that the troll was criticizing him because of his lavished lifestyle.

Well Paul went ahead to laugh at him saying;

"This is not karma...na karma senior brother"

What a post right?

See post below;

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