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The Nigerian Social media world is still excited about the news of Davido buying a private jet.

The jet which allegedly costs up to 10 billion Naira has seen many fans skeptical at the decision of the singer to buy such.

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While some believe the singer really needs such luxury due to his frequent travels abroad, many believe he doesn't fully own it due to the huge amount it costs to maintain one.

Below is a quick research from Autojosh on the amount it costs to maintain a private jet.

1. To buy a brand new Bombardier Challenger 605 be ready to part with approximately $27m.

2. If you cannot afford a brand new one, you could settle for a tokunbo (used) one. A used vintage 605 goes for $15m.

3. The cost of flying a private jet depends on the number of hours it flies and the nautical miles it travels. For instance, if it travels 175,000 nautical miles and 423 hours per year, owners should anticipate variable expenses of $1,515,813 annually.

4. The greatest chunk of the expenses on a 605 is spent on fueling it. Actually, about 65% of the cost of operating a 605 it is spent on fueling it.

5. The cost of fueling a 605 is estimated at $2,346 per hour out of a total variable cost of $3,583 per hour.

6. The 605 is estimated to use 329 gallons of fuel per hour.

7. So, in a singe year, the total cost of ownership of the Bombardier Challenger 605 is $3,481,595 including market depreciation of ($1,240,920) or $5,342,974 including book depreciation of $3,102,300. Both figures include fixed costs per year of $724,861.

8. Here is a summary of the cost involved in owning and maintaining a Challenger 605.

Crew Salaries - Captain

Crew Salaries - Co Pilot

Crew Salaries - Flight Attendant

Crew Salaries - Benefits

Hangar - Typical

Insurance - Hull

Insurance - Single Limit Liability

Recurrent Training

Aircraft Modernization

Navigation Chart Service


Computer Maintenance Program

Weather Service

Total Fixed Cost per Year

Source: Autojosh

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