Mercy Aigbe Gentry And Lanre Gentry 1

The estranged husband of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, Lanre Gentry, appears to have thrown a shade at the mother of his children.

Lanre shared a post that used the analogy of a key and padlock to explain the difference between a woman who keeps many sexual partners and a man who does same.

Mercy Aigbe Gentry And Lanre Gentry

The photo he shared had a text which reads:

My daughter once asked me, "Daddy, why is it that when a man has sex with many women he is considered a champion but when a women has sex with many men she is considered a LovePeddler?" I replied her, "listen well my child a key that has the ability to open many locks is a master key a lock that can be open with any key is useless"

In the caption, Lanre Gentry wrote:

God will not make me and you useless in the name of lord.

The hotelier did not call names but his followers believe he is referring to his estranged wife and they said so in the comment section.

Gentry Shades Mercy



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