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The 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival began on Friday, 13 April and ends on Sunday, 22 April.

Sadly he disappointed the fans who waited endlessly for his performance, yesterday April 14,2018.

The star boy took to his social media page to publicly apologise to his fans, attributing the reason for his absence to the band having visa issues. He added that he would see them next week before the end of the festival

An aggrieved fan who could not condone the excuse given by Wizkid then expressed his unhappiness saying; 'you don fuck up'

Wizkid got offended by the post and insulted the fan, including his birth parents, leading to an uproar of other unhappy fans responding to the unnecessary rude reply

It was gathered that though alot of other International acts were present including Beyonce, most people had actually gone for the festival to see Wizkid.

Meanwhile the event which is hosted in United States, has had a lot of fans travelling in from far and wide, while others watched live online live streaming

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Wizkid Insults Unhappy Fans

Wizkid Insults Fans

Wizkid Insults Fan Reacts