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Hello everybody! Something just happened right now... we know it's Saturday and not the social media constituted day for throwbacks but we're bending the rules cause these throwbacks are too epic to waste another second in sharing them!


Nigeria's number 1 ranter and Instagram star, Lasisi Elenu has us in talks after we stumbled on his throwback photos and we're not so h'angry rye now but amused AF!

Okay, first off, let's break it to you by telling you that his real name isn't Lasisi Elenu but Adeyemi - yeah that's right, a ranter and a Yoruba demon... quite the blend init?

Then let's tell you the little we know about him before y'all indulge yourselves with his major throwback photos.

We'll be calling him Lasisi... cause that's what we mutually know him as eh?


Lasisi is 28 years old as opposed to his recent declaration that he is 22 years old in a chat with HipTV... Brother Lasisi, brother Lasisi, you're making us h'angry right now, why? why are you lying?!

We know this after we did a quick calculation with info we go from his social media page... not Instagram... obviously!

Asides from his age, we also know that he's a graduate of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Ilorin - little wonder why he rants a lot eh?

Lasisi, interestingly, has a Hip-Hop side to him as we saw videos on him dropping some freestyles - makes us think, he obviously wasn't happy his freestyles weren't making waves, so he became angry and started ranting... you see, every disappointment is a blessing Brother Lasisi

For the record, Lasisi's "Baby" is this Blue Honda Accord but judging from the waves he's been making over the past few months, we're sure he'd upgrade from "baby" to "babe" or "boo" perhaps? Lol

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Nuff said people... Brace yourselves as we present to you these epic throwback photos of your favourite Instagram comedian - drums roll - LASISI ELENU!!!

Enjoy!! The photos were taken as far back as 2009!

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