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Nigerian Actress Juliana Olayode, who rose to fame for her role as 'Toyo Baby' in the sitcom Jenifa's diary is in Mourning.

The Actress who is also an Author took to her Instagram page to share her grief as she lost her sister.

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She shared a photo above and wrote ;

I saw you breathe your last, yesterday. I didn't let the doctor remove the oxygen tube from your nose. "She is not dead", I exclaimed.

I prayed alone with you for five hours. I declared. I prophesied. I prayed in tongues. I prayed in understanding. I praised. I prayed on you. I prayed over you. I did all that came to mind. I refused to call anyone to let them know you've passed away because to me, you only slept.

By past 5am, you were cold but I still continued to pray. I called your name over and again and very unlike you, you didn't respond...

Your house is like a Day Care center. You took other people's children into your arms. You just kept taking people in. Many times, I teased you, saying that you run a children's organization in your house and you just laughed about it.

You were interesting, you were kind, you were funny, you were fun, you were caring...

And as I type, memories of how you took care of Samson and I keep flooding my head.

You were a giver, you were hardworking, you were such a beautiful soul...

I still can't believe that you are sleeping...I think you slept too early big sis...

In it all, GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD...I'll see you again sis...I love you and I miss you so much already


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